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The Advantages of Using Cold Laminating Film

Unlike thermal laminating films, cold films use pressure sensitive adhesives to form a bond with the item being laminated. Laminating using a good quality cold film will preserve a document for years. If it is intended for indoor use, you can expect a lifespan of up to ten years, and for outdoor use, up to three years.

Modern cold laminating films use a PVC solvent base, combined with a silicon lining layer and advanced, high bonding, pressure sensitive adhesives. The advantage of using solvent based technology is that it gives a waterproof finish, a much more resilient bond, excellent clarity, and highly efficient lamination.


Ideal for using for point of sale displays, pop up stands and roller banners, cold films allows top class, exhibition quality results without damaging heat sensitive surfaces. PVC films are not intended for applications like floor displays, or automobile decal lamination, as these uses demand a greater level of flexibility than PVC can attain. But for normal commercial use, where customer engagement and cost effectiveness are both equally important, PVC cold films are a versatile and attractive choice. A further advantage is that thanks to their popularity, cold films are available in a whole range of roll sizes and widths, making them as easy to buy as they are to use.

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