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Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland

The application of marijuana for medical use is now legalized in some States in the US. This led to patients having legal access to medical marijuana for their medical conditions. You can now find several medical marijuana dispensaries in portland, Oregon.  

Oregon is one of the States that has recently legalized medical marijuana use. There are several benefits in establishing medical marijuana dispensaries. This includes preventing people from doing clandestine transactions in obtaining marijuana, patients having convenient access to marijuana treatment, and economic development opportunities for the community. Dispensaries in Portland are regulated by the law to ensure strict observance with marijuana distribution. Patients are required to present a green card issued by the local authority. It is important to note that a recommendation letter from a licensed physician is needed when applying for a green card. The recommendation letter certifies that the physician sees the patient fit to receive medical marijuana treatment for their medical condition.  

Medical marijuana dispensaries provide local authorities better control of marijuana usage in the community. It also provides the governing body data which can be used to assess medical marijuana programs. Medical marijuana is now accessible and distributed by qualified individuals. Patients can avail marijuana from a trusted provider safely.

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