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Marine Diesel Engine Repair

Following are the four types of strokes –

  1. Energy stroke. At approximately TDC, your fuel is injected, or even sprayed, into the very hot, compressed air, where this ignites, burns and increases. You can repair your diesel pumps with the help of repair experts.
  2. Inlet stroke. With all the inlet valve open along with the exhaust valve closed, your piston moves from leading dead center (TDC) for you to bottom dead center (BDC), building a low-pressure area in your cylinder.


  1. Compression stroke. Together with both valves closed, your piston moves from BDC for you to TDC, compressing the atmosphere. During this stroke the oxygen becomes heated to some sort of temperature sufficiently high for you to ignite the fuel.
  2. Exhaust stroke. At approximately BDC your exhaust valve opens along with the piston starts to move from BDC to TDC, driving the burnt gas out from the cylinder through the open exhaust valve.

A diesel engine compresses air first and then heats up, and then this fuel (diesel) ignites in addition to power the engine.

The Two-Stroke Diesel engine

The two-stroke engine employs two piston strokes to complete one power stroke in addition to, therefore, fire twice regard as a four-stroke motor. A two-stroke engine is actually smaller and simpler along with fewer moving parts.

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