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All about the City of Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the country's political, commercial, and cultural center. Bangkok's thriving business and consumer culture exists along with an ancient spiritual heritage that is reflected in the city's Buddhist temples.


Bangkok is located on the flood plains flanking both sides of the Chao Phraya River, Thailand's most significant waterway. Greater Bangkok is divided into fifty districts spread out over more than 1,500 square kilometers (580 square miles). Within its sprawling limits, skyscrapers and luxury districts are mixed in with industrial zones and traditional Thai buildings.

The heart of the city lies on the Chao Phraya's eastern bank. Here, in the area called Ratanakosin (the Old City), Bangkok's most important palace, temples, and museums attract throngs of tourists. East of Ratanakosin is Dusit, seat of many Thai government offices. To the south lies Chinatown, one of the oldest parts of Bangkok.


Roughly 9 million people live in Bangkok proper, while Greater Bangkok is home to around 12 million (2010 estimate), or nearly 12 percent of Thailand's total population. Many first- and second-generation residents moved to the capital from rural areas of Thailand in search of jobs and a higher standard of living.If you want to know about phuket tours then you can Contact Us.


Bangkok is the main trading center for both Thailand and Southeast Asia. In addition to its massive import-export business, the local economy also features a significant manufacturing base. Bangkok factories turn out automobile parts, handguns, housewares, textiles, computers, and electronics. The banking and financial services sectors also play key roles. More than three-quarters of all Thai bank deposits are held in banks located in Bangkok, and many multinational companies have offices there.

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