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What You Should Pack for Scuba Diving Travel

Coming up with your packing list for your next big dive excursion (or maybe even not so big) can be a big challenge. Whenever pulling together scuba diving tourism plans, this is far and away the biggest question I get. What should you pack? Do you rent or bring your own equipment?

The answers to these questions are chiefly dependent on a few factors not the least of which is your own personal preference. Here’s some general suggestions from my 18+ years of traveling the globe for that perfect dive. You can also visit to know about open water course in Phuket.

Definitely bring:

  • Certification card
  • Dive log
  • mask
  • snorkel
  • sunscreen
  • swimsuit

Don’t even think about bringing your own tank that is much too much weight and annoyance. Besides in this day and age of charging for every bag that is just a waste of a checked bag. I strongly recommend if you are planning on bringing more of your equipment besides the skin diving basics that you invest astutely in a good gear bag or suitcase.

Personally, when my husband and I go on our scuba trips we put all our gear, BCs, wetsuits, fins, etc in one Samsonite suitcase. This is the hard cover suitcase that the old commercial had the enormous gorilla jumping on. Yep, that’s our dive suitcase.

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