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Shipping and Delivering a Chandelier Safely

Firstly, I wouldn't send a crystal fixture by post unless I super had no other choice. With a high esteem, delicate thing I would dependably choose an express or devoted vehicle. Check with your messenger before booking in the matter of whether the thing is secured by their protection, regularly glass (gem) isn't secured, and as that is the primary part of a light fixture, it pays to search around.

Dispatches convey higher protections and have nothing else on the vehicle with the exception of your thing, making it more averse to get harmed. Here and there, you have to send it through the post or by means of a package transporter.

So to get it to it's goal in one piece, discover a container sufficiently enormous for the crystal fixture and the bundling. You should recollect if the thing is more than 25kgs maybe it ought to be lifted by 2 individuals HSE rules. For shipping services, one can have a look at

Wrap all the free parts painstakingly with air pocket wrap and tape safely. Put delicately onto a polystyrene base and afterward load with polystyrene chips or popcorn.

Place another polystyrene cushion delicately on the highest point of the Chandelier, taking consideration not to harm the thing. Before you secure the container, watch that the thing isn't ratting around in the crate, if it includes more chips and maybe cushion out with scrunched up chunks of daily paper.

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