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Brief About Verona – A Romantic City

Verona is beautiful city located in the Veneto region in north-eastern Italy which has been made famous as the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Verona is a city that is brimming with romance and intrigue which makes it an ideal place for all types of vacationers to visit.You can Travel the world and discover new cultures with our top adventure tours

The number of famous landmarks in Verona is truly spectacular and there is always something else to see. Be certain to visit "Juliet's House" which is sometimes said to be the location for the legendary balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Whether this is fact or fiction, lovebirds from all around the world are drawn to the romance of this location, and you will often see couples having their picture taken on the famous balcony.

A spectacular ancient Roman amphitheatre called The Arena must be seen to be believed. Spanning back to the first century, this historic landmark still features Opera performances to this day. Simply strolling around the city will leave you awestruck by the architecture and beauty that is present at every turn.

A true walking city, the romance and liveliness of the area will stir your senses and revive your soul. Verona is also well known for its fantastic pasta entrees as well as a favorite local pork dish called Casoela which is a feast for the palate.

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