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Shipping Containers for Better Housing

Traditional structures are built with frames of timber or steel, and with materials not as plentiful as they were, framing timbers is not the quality they used to be. I still have friends who are in the building game and one is a plasterboard fixer. You can click here to know more about the shipping containers for your home.

These days one of his greatest frustrations is trying to hang plasterboard on frames that are not square and which have warping in the timbers. Consider also the time and material usage in building the frames, erecting and finishing them, all adding to the cost of the structure.


Consider also the foundations of the traditional structure, the many stumps to stabilize the floor, or the concrete slab. Then there is the vermin proofing, and decay proofing to add to the costs.

Used shipping containers are built to carry payloads of 20 tons, across the oceans of the world, without distorting or corroding. They are built to precise measurements so that they can be stacked on top of each other, loaded onto trucks, trains and ships and precisely lock into place so they won’t move in transit.

They are designed so that they can carry their 20-ton payload supported by only the four corners of the container, without distorting and I repeat, they can be sacked on top of each other. They are sealed to be weather proof and secure to prevent break-in and theft.

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