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What Does a Court Reporter Training Program Entail?

When first thinking about the career of a court reporter, few people are aware of the training involved and where to find schools that run these training programs. Although it is not a widely known career – a court reporter earns reasonably high wages and the job market is healthy and has remained so for the past decade. If you would are considering this career, specialized training is required before you can apply for an entry level position.

There are a few court reporting schools that run these training programs. This article will focus on what you will learn in the school, but if you are looking for accredited schools near you, go to the bottom of this article to find a link to a school search engine. The Certified Realtime court reporting  exam and certification is an entry level but important exam that certifies the ability of an individual to use a stenotype.

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The main teaching element during court reporting training is what goes on in a court room and your primary role in it. Your role is to accurately record everything that is communicated by the judge, witnesses, jury and lawyers during a trial, private chambers or a hearing. Once transcribed, the transcript can then be used by lawyers to if they need to hear certain aspects of a testimony or to help in filling for an appeal.

Their role is critical during a court room that is in session and they require the highest level of accuracy. Specialized training programs will train potential court reporters in a variety of reporting methods to ensure accurate records are kept. They are trained to use stenography machines and/ or voice writing equipment.

Additionally court reporters need to be familiar with legal terms so legal terminology, basics of Law and medical terminology modules are also part of a training program.

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