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Food-Grade Natural Diatomaceous Earth – Its Health Benefits

Food grade diatomaceous earth is an ordinarily occurring mineral compound that is derived from microscopic water plants that are fossilized. This all-natural mixture comes from silica-based rests of diatoms, a single-celled plant that is closely associated with the algae. 

The diatoms have been playing an important ecological function since the earth's prehistoric era. Scientists agree that diatoms began to accumulate some 30 million years ago as diatomite sediments in regions where salt water or fresh water is present.To know more about diatomaceous earth you can visit

This mineral compound is derived through traditional process and pulverized until it turns into a powdery compound with a composition that is similar to talc powder. It is composed of 33 percent of silicon, 5 percent sodium, 19 percent calcium, 2 percent iron and 3 percent magnesium.

Diatomaceous Earth – A Multipurpose Health Supplement

This food is a multipurpose health supplement that helps in decreasing the level of blood cholesterol and maintains the suppleness of blood vessels. It is also an efficient natural solution for hypertensive conditions. Aside from its basic functions, food grade, diatomaceous earth is also essential for our normal existence. This fossilized mineral mixture also promotes the absorption of phosphorous and calcium and helps in supporting the healthy state of our nails and hair.

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