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How Mindful Are You About Your Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy requires being mindful.  We are offered so many choices which are bad for us it is hard to always eat the way we would like.  Recently I started documenting everything I was eating and although I would make a smoothie every other day and try to incorporate daily fruits and vegetables, my diet wasn’t as healthy as I thought it was.  Most weeks I wasn’t even getting my daily fruits, much less my daily vegetables.   I was also eating foods which contained high sugars or additives.  After a few weeks of taking notes of my diet I decided I needed to be more mindful about what I was putting into my body. 

First on the list is getting rid of anything that has additives.  This can come under the category of preservatives to unnatural food colorings.  If the ingredients are hard to pronounce you probably shouldn’t be putting it into your body.  Most processed/packaged foods will contain preservatives for longer shelf life and additives for color or taste.  This can lead to chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.  Some specific additives you should avoid are sodium nitrites, trans fats, glutamate, sulfites, monosodium, FD&C yellow No. 5 and No. 6.   A great way to avoid these foods is to stick to a dominate diet of vegetables, fruits and non packaged foods.  Incorporate a diet which consists of legumes, quinoa, eggs, wild caught seafood, organic and antibiotic-free meat.    

Second is being mindful of how much sugar you are consuming.  Not just how many cookies you consume but how much sugar is in the other items you are eating or drinking.  There are now many alternatives to sugar such as stevia.  Stevia is an herb that is sweeter than sugar but it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels the same way sugar or artificial sweeteners do.  There are many different options for stevia, which also happened to be processed so it’s best to find it in plant form, tincture or dried.   Natural sugar is good for you but only in moderation.  Start reading labels of your food and drink and document what you are consuming.  You may or may not need to make some adjustments on your very inflammatory sugar intake.

If you have questions regarding healthy eating I would recommend seeing your local nutritionist like San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. Henry Wong.  Unlike many other San Diego Chirorpactors he incorporates nutrition into his chiropractic services so his patients can be better rounded in their overall health.  When making any changes to your diet it is always best to consult a professional and find out what is the right diet for you.

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