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Basic Landscaping And Gardening Tasks

The need for maintenance of beautiful landscapes in the past few years has been realised by a wide class of urban population. With increasing development in modern architecture in Sydney, the need for maintaining exteriors and a beautiful surrounding is inevitable. Not just a one time process, its upkeep and maintenance is also required periodically. There are number of experts engaged exclusively in the field of landscape building and maintenance.NORTH SHORE LANDSCAPING is one of the prominent names in this field.

Landscaping is the activity of maintaining exteriors and gardens. A simple act of turf laying or perimeter fencing is also landscaping. Kitchen gardens, flower avenues, canopies and swimming pool are some of the normally prevalent landscape design in North Shore Sydney. To make a beautiful landscape, some basic tasks are necessary. Here are some of the basic gardening and landscaping tasks that are important:

Erosion control

Winds and heavy rains often degrade the quality of soil. Soil erosion is more frequent in open areas and agricultural lands or river banks where water flow and wind degrade the layer of soil. Erosion control are the techniques used to prevent soil degradation. Crop rotation, buffer strips, rigrap are some of the methods to prevent erosion.


Reclamation is the process of creating new land on the banks of water bodies. The new land is known as land fill. Reclaimed land can be used for further gardening.


Hydroseeding is planting process normally used as an erosion control technique on construction sites. Seed and mulch is used to create slurry that is sprayed over prepared ground.

Excavation and earthworks

Excavation is carried out on uneven land to bring it to same level so as to further improve the surrounding. Excavation is digging out land. This is also a good way to make mini island like landscapes and tunnels.

Turf laying

Turf laying is the process of spreading new layer of turf (and grass) over a barren/ plain land.


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