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Why Know The Characteristics And Temperaments Of Cavachon Puppies

These puppies are known for their small stature. They can only grow ten to thirteen inches. Their expected lifespan is usually fifteen years old. That is the maximum. When it comes to intelligent and trainability, they are just average. This breed came from the family of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the family of the Bichon Frise. Unlike other hairy animals, Cavachon puppies do not really shed a lot. In terms of character, you can say that they are good with children. In fact, they are very good with their fellow dogs and pets.

These puppies are cheerful and playful. These animals are gentle too. This breed is highly affectionate, especially, to their owners. These should be a few of the reasons why tons of homeowners preferred this animal. Before adopting them, remember that small dogs are not good for a long term training.

You have to give them a short training course. If that it is not enough, you could always train them at least thrice a day. It is more effective this way. As much as possible, let each session last for ten minutes. That might not be that bad, especially, if you do not want to stress yourself and your pet.

This is a high maintenance dog. These puppies need regular grooming. They should be groomed three to four times a week. To keep their coat healthy, owners should regularly brush them with the appropriate material. They have to keep track of their schedule. When clipping the nails of these puppies, owners must conduct it twice a month.

Before adopting the puppy, remember that the dog would need thirty minutes walked a day. If you think that you are too busy enough to attend to all of these details, it might be best for you and for the animal that you try to check other breeds. Before getting the puppy, though, you need to understand the possible health issues they will face in the future.

Cavachon dogs are prone to ear infection. Not only that. Their eyes are prone to various diseases too. They also get flea allergies. Future pet owners should mind all of these things. They should avoid getting the animal just because they look cute and adorable. Try not to worry. There are a lot of breeds on the market who would pass that qualification.

As for now, think about your schedule, your routine, and your wants. Not all dogs can adhere to your daily routine. Unless you are willing enough to change your routine just to attend to their basic needs, that might never be a problem at all. Take this advice. Know if you are qualified and suitable enough to adopt this specific breed.

Once you know the answer to that, try to look for a good breeder. Only get the animal from a licensed breeder. Well, if you feel sorry for those animals who are in a rescue center, it is not really a bad idea to get your puppy from them. However, if adopting a sick pet is not your taste, then, do not ever take that advice.

For times like that, do not even get the pet from a pet shop. Work with a licensed breeder if possible. Breeders will be able to give you better pet. They are even working with veterinarian just to give you the medical report of the puppies. Make sure that you take the animal from their place.

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