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Warning Steps: When A Tornado is coming

Tornado is referred to as a twisting column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground and competent of ruining virtually anything with wind speeds of 250mph or more. There are lots of signs to watch from the ground to find out when a tornado is coming.

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Usually, the tornado comes when the sky is green or black and this can be caused by the buildup of water vapor from the atmosphere. To know more about hurricane shelters, visit

  • Listen to local radio or TV channel. The air channel will normally keep us upgrade and frighten us if there’s a tornado coming.
  • Tornado generally follows directly behind big storms so await wind speeds as it could be 60mph and it stops.
  • Normally the air will probably be still before the tornado strikes. Tornadoes often accompanied by tropical storms and hurricanes that move over land.
  • You may also wish to be ready when a warning is given saying that a tornado is coming.
  • You might be everywhere as it strikes – house, work, school, mall or even at the vehicle.

If you’re in-house, never go near windows or hide beneath them. An exploding window may kill or hurt you. The safest place is your tornado shelter but if you don’t have one then move within a safe room without windows or on the bottom floor. Protect yourself with blanket or sleeping bag or mattress and shield your head with anything in any way.

Get something sturdy like a thick table or couch for extra protection. Never hide or move close to tall and heavy things like pianos or refrigerator, which might fall on you. If you outside make certain that you prevent vehicles, trees and shield your head with a thing together with your arms.

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